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AI Chatbot
Hey, Artificial Intelligence

Let us share with you how chatbot can help you in serving your users

Why use AI Chatbot?
A chatbot is a Virtual Agent that is capable of responding and interacting through conversation without supervision. Unlike live chat, it does not require a human agent to respond to the users. 
The good for your customers
The millennials are the future of your business and this group of customers expect round the clock availability because they do not want to walk into a branch to get their banking matters done. They prefer to get answers through your website or perform processes online.
Customer’s attention span and patience is getting shorter and the key to good customer service is to be able to respond to their questions and needs as soon as possible. Unlike Live Chat which requires live agent, AI gives real-time response when questions are asked.
Customers want suggestions and recommendations that are most suitable for them. With a virtual assistant which can retrieve information about the customer, real-time and targeted product recommendation is expected to ease decision making process.
More than 50% of enterprise companies will spend more money each year on chatbots than mobile apps in 2022. 
- gartner
The good for your organisation
AI Chatbot can help to take away mundane and repetitive work hence sparing your workforce skillsets to grow up to a higher level. Service consistency is also guaranteed as a bot runs on 24 x 7 with no down time.
AI Chatbot interaction allows you to capture user information from the questions it asks. These information can be used for conversational analytics as well as to identify the market’s interests for decision making on product and services.
As a part of the digital transformation initiative, an organization should automate expected processes with the use of technologies. A digital assistant should be developed as a long term goal in this initiative.
XTOPIA.IO - No-code digital platform for web design
The no-code, cutting-edge digital platform for your projects
Key features
Integrated with IBM Watson natural language processing and Microsoft AZURE Bot Services, XTOPIA Chatbot allows you to manage your dialogs seamlessly.
View and dive deep into conversation history captured in every engagement between chatbot and your user to learn what matters to them.
Retrain and improve your chatbot model, intents and entities directly with insights collected. Upgrade and scale seamlessly with XTOPIA no-code conversation builder.
Extend chatbot capability through ready-to-deploy business workflows for seamless customer experience. XTOPIA provides a suite of readily available apps to support your digital communication and IBM Watson is integrated into XTOPIA Chatbot directly.
Scale with us
XTOPIA Chatbot is built with Microsoft Azure Bot Service and IBM Watson technology which are powered by the latest innovations in machine learning. It is able learn more with less data.
Data Privacy
You maintain the ownership of your bot data, insights and training. As workspace is private, no information of your data will be shared to the public. The technology can be embedded across a variety of channels to deliver consistent customer experiences that are valuable, private and secure.
Smart & Intelligent
NLP understands the language of your industry and taps into deep domain knowledge to help you make more informed decisions faster. It can ingest, enrich, and normalize a wide variety of data types without any additional integration, allowing you to make use of data from a broad range of sources with ease.
Seamless and Consolidated Experience
XTOPIA provides a suite of readily available apps to support your digital communication and IBM Watson is integrated into XTOPIA Chatbot directly hence you do not need to relearn any new interface or hold multiple login accounts to manage your online tools.
More than 80% of routine customer questions can already be handled by chatbots.

A basic customer service chatbot takes only 8 weeks to design and deploy.

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