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Going without Google and relying on ChatGPT alone
In today's fast-paced world, time is very valuable. We often find ourselves struggling to keep up with the demands of our daily tasks. Fortunately, with advanced technologies, we now have access to innovative tools that can help us optimize our daily routines. ChatGPT is one such tool that has completely revolutionized the way I approach my daily tasks.
Since there are already numerous articles and videos about how ChatGPT works and is being used, let's not write another article about it.

Instead, let's discuss how I incorporated ChatGPT into my daily life for the past two weeks. In this article, I will share my experience of using ChatGPT and how it has transformed my daily productivity.

Before we proceed, let's determine the last time ChatGPT was trained by asking a general question:
ChatGPT's knowledge cuttoff date
ChatGPT's knowledge cuttoff date
As a programmer, I am interested in finding out how ChatGPT can be of assistance to me in my work. So, let's ask ChatGPT the following question:
There are numerous ways in which ChatGPT can aid programmers.
There are numerous ways in which ChatGPT can aid programmers.
Wow, there are so many ways ChatGPT can help a programmer. Guess what? Currently we are working on our awesome new platform (XYAN) and thought it'd be cool to give MongoDB a try. We would like to know how to do JOIN, just like in Microsoft SQL Server.

So, I asked ChatGPT for some help and, it recommended using $lookup and even gave us some code to get started.
ChatGPT on MongoDB
ChatGPT on the topic of MongoDB
But wait, we are C# developers. The code given is in PHP. we asked ChatGPT if it could show us how to do it in C#, and it rewrite the code in C# as below:
ChatGPT on the topic of MongoDB in C3
ChatGPT on the topic of MongoDB in C3
Shall we attempt it using LINQ? Let's give it a try.
ChatGPT on the topic of LINQ

ChatGPT on the topic of LINQ

This is quite remarkable as it enables us to obtain code snippets more quickly than through conventional Googling. However, it is important to bear in mind that we should comprehend and verify the code to ensure that it functions as intended.

The advantage of ChatGPT is that it provides explanations for the code, and we can even paste in code snippets and request ChatGPT to clarify them.
Here's what I get:
In my humble opinion, the quality of the code explanations is exceptional.

The other day, I encountered an error in a MongoDB BSON document. I attempted to seek assistance from ChatGPT:
Asking ChatGPT to check my BSON document.

Asking ChatGPT to check my BSON document.

ChatGPT telling me where the error on the BSON document is.

Asking ChatGPT to check my BSON document.Asking ChatGPT to check my BSON document.

ChatGPT makes it unnecessary to use tools like code converters or validators (e.g., JSON validator) as well.

As ChatGPT is constructed using OpenAI's GPT-3 series of large language models, it would be worthwhile to attempt some language-related tasks.
Google vs Bing on Translation

Google vs Bing on Translation

While writing this article, I received a message from a relative in my WhatsApp group. However, the message was in Mandarin, and I do not have a strong knowledge of the language. Let's try using Google Translate, Bing Translate, and compare the results with ChatGPT.
ChatGPT on translation
For ChatGPT, it is quite good at translating Mandarin. Let's see how far it can go. Let's see if it can do the Hanyu Pinyin and spell it out for us.
ChatGPT on translation
Wow, it can! Let's try to learn some Mandarin from ChatGPT by asking it to break down the words and explain them to us. Can it do that?
ChatGPT on language
I never anticipated that ChatGPT would be capable of this. It is great that I can now enhance my Mandarin using ChatGPT.

In light of the Chinese New Year celebrations, I am curious about other Chinese dialects. Specifically, I am interested in learning some Hakka phrases since my wife is of Hakka origin. It would be fascinating to observe any differences in the way the dialect is spoken in Hakka as opposed to Kuching. Shall we ask ChatGPT to assist us with this?
ChatGPT teaching Hakka - Chinese native language
During the past two weeks, I challenged myself to use ChatGPT instead of Google for my daily tasks. It was an interesting experience, and I was pleasantly surprised by the convenience and usefulness of ChatGPT. From receiving code snippets to translating Mandarin messages, ChatGPT proved to be a reliable and efficient tool.

Overall, it was a worthwhile experiment that helped me optimize my daily routine.

What is your experience with ChatGPT so far? Share with us by emailing us at support@xyan.dev.

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