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BRB International soars with new brand voice

Venturing into greater heights with PETRONAS Chemical Group


Following up with the successful group-wide digital communication and website revamp of PETRONAS Dagangan, XIMNET was appointed by BRB International as its tech and design agency to elevate its brand and digital communication to the next level with a brand new  website.

BRB International is officially a PETRONAS Chemical Group Berhad (PCG) subsidiary hence the revamp exercise includes incorporating PETRONAS' branding and visual treatment on the new website.
the client
BRB is a globally operating independent manufacturer of future-oriented silicones, lube oil additives and other specialty chemicals.
BRB is a globally operating independent manufacturer of future-oriented lube oil additives, silicones and other specialty chemicals. Its innovation strategy focuses on anticipating the needs and wishes of the customers and industries BRB serves – and developing cutting-edge technologies to meet them. BRB consistently build solid, long-term relationships with our partners and customers.

As a subsidiary of the PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad, BRB now has an even greater global presence and innovation resources.
One of the key challenges of BRB's digital touchpoint is the lack of brand communication. The website was built more than three years ago with technology limitations then. As such, the website's information architecture no longer represents the brand effectively. 

The website user journey has also changed over the years. With the current structure, users need to navigate through multl-level navigation to obtain key information, which makes it challenging to convert them into sales leads.
our approach
Optimising the website's content presentation and user journey are our priorities to deliver real results to BRB.

With these goals in mind, XIMNET took on the approach to improve the website's navigation by using Mega Dropdown style to feature the brand's range of products and services upfront. The main entities of the brand, which are Lube oil Additives and Chemicals (also known as LAC) and Silicones, are presented on the landing page to bring interested users to the right content within the website quickly.
Building customer-centric user experience that brings lasting business relationships
The Work

Research and comparison were carried out on various similar websites to identify the latest design trends and web UX best practices. The process allows us to learn more about user's expectations when it comes to engaging brands like BRB.

We also conducted a user behaviour survey in the research phase to collect and analyse the overall impression and experience of the existing website. The exercise includes prioritising good-to-have features for the new website.

By determining users' pain points and opportunities, we can design an architecture that works for both the brand and users in the long run.
Another main challenge for BRB was content maintainability. With the wide range of documents available for users to view and download, a CMS which allows admin to quickly cross-feature related documents on relevant pages is a priority. Through XTOPIA.IO CMS, the admin can manage the latest versions of all documents in a single platform.

XTOPIA.IO CMS comes with AI features such as AI SEO Keyword generator. This AI tool analyses the page content and recommends suitable keywords for SEO performance automatically.

Site Architecture
To serve users better,  popular content has to be easy to access.

We set up BRB’s navigation as seamless as possible by focusing on minimal clicks to reach the desired information. For example, we categorised the entities into two distinctive groups of content: Silicone and Lube Oil Additives & Chemicals (LAC) on the first load of the website.
We eliminated unnecessary steps to focus on getting to desired information easily.
One of the key components of the website is BRB's Contact Finder. The interactive tool is designed to help users get in touch with the right person by selecting the product range and region/country on the website. Sales queries are directed to the respective team to follow up directly

The contact finder is developed to optimise usability and maintainability in mind so the contact database is built to scale.
Design Concept
We want the outcome to be visually attractive compared to BRB's competitors yet maintain the professionalism of BRB. In the design process, we also make sure our approach is predictable and easy to use by users up to the 50 - 75 age group.

We maximise the use of white space so that the website does not appear crowded. Big visuals are implemented to convey information instead of lengthy paragraphs— resulting in a more visually appealing website. The brand website has incorporated PETRONAS Guidelines in visual treatment as well - as part of its brand reimagination process.
The Results

The new BRB website took on a big visual and bite-site content approach, making it quick and easy to look for desired information and get in touch. With the mobile-user focused strategy, users can also look for the latest information from the website through any mobile device without taking away the brand aesthetics.

XTOPIA.IO CMS has successfully empowered the client to use multimedia materials more effectively on the website. What is more, they are now able to keep website content updated without the need for technical knowledge.

Other works
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