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Our initial website revamp for The Centre began in 2014. Newer design trends and technology were introduced over the years as The Centre retained the same web design and technology of the bygone days.

To continue as the market leader in the global event venue sector, XIMNET, the preferred partner for its digital communication, has once again been appointed to reinvent The Centre’s digital touchpoint in strategised content presentation and brand communication that fulfils modern user’s expectation, 5 years after its last revamp.
the client
KLCC Convention Centre - The Centre is an award-winning event space at the heart of the iconic Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) precinct.
The Centre is an award-winning event space at the heart of the iconic Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) precinct. The world-class purpose-built facility serves as the most prestigious multi-purpose function space for all kinds of events, such as international, regional and local conventions, tradeshows, exhibitions, entertainment and private functions.

To date, The Centre has hosted more than 26 million delegates and received up to 250 awards as at 2021.
As The Centre places much focus on event organising, we had to ensure the new website will have a more visually engaging experience that showcases the great collection of photos of The Centre to attract event organisers and sales leads online.

The old website held an excessive amount of both essential and outdated information, and because the content was nested in a multi-level information architecture, it caused some difficulties in revising our content strategy to better regroup and prioritise content that meets customer’s expectations.

Not only that, but it lacked responsive web technology back then, having to develop separated versions of Desktop and Mobile view, which means there was double the effort when updating any changes in the UI.
our approach
Not only was the old website’s information in disarray, its Call To Action buttons were also not prominent or catchy enough to be easily spotted. Due to this, many people tend to leave the site quickly. Our team decided to solve these problems by taking all the necessary information and turning them into bite-sized content which makes them much more comprehensible.

We gave the website the impression of having a poster-effect, taking the refined content and separating them to have one message along with one key visual for each scroll. This helps to get key messages across better as it is more concentrated. Furthermore, to encourage better engagement between users, we implemented interactive touchpoints such as Floorplans, Space Recommender, Chatbot (Skye), and a Seating Planner.
Our goal is to create seamless navigation experience for The Centre.
The Work

We did interviews with the stakeholders to better understand the current market challenges, opportunities, The Centre’s USPs and upcoming marketing strategy. Collecting and analysing these perspectives got us better equipped to deliver a great design that can complement with The Centre’s plans ahead.
We also did some market analysis to examine how other convention centres communicate through their website, gathering valuable insights into shifts in the competitors, ongoing market trends, and the traits of customers' expenditure. With the research the team has done on web trends, we managed to identify some of the latest web technologies and determine what was adequate and suitable enough to be utilised properly for The Centre’s website.
Site Architecture
Keen on bringing ‘unparalleled user experience’ to users and customers, we set out to make The Centre’s navigation as seamless as possible by keeping key content reachable within 2 clicks. With more than 50% of its website traffic coming in to find out how to get to The Centre or how to get started in Event Hosting, we took into consideration of the user journey observed throughout the years and prioritised each content accordingly.
Figure 1: Example of an exhibition venue website content architecture
Skye, The Centre’s virtual assistant, closes the gap between users and services.
In this revamp, we utilised chatbot technology to enhance customers engagement process and operational efficiency, making a full integration between Chatbot and Website to deliver seamless bot-to-page interaction flow.
Skye, The Centre’s virtual assistant, streamlines interactions between users and services, improving the experience for users. Our team gathered all the enquiries from web forms to social media so that the data can be analysed, and Skye’s key roles can be prioritised suitably.
Skye’s replies are kept short with sufficient information given so that users do not get overwhelmed by the length of the chatbot’s reply. To ensure any issues that might occur throughout the bot and user interactions are kept to a bare minimum, Skye will collect the user’s name, contact and email to be routed to the Customer Service Team when the bot is unable to respond to users accurately.

We have pre-mapped details to make sending in enquiries easier so that the process of Event Planning becomes much simpler. Skye will be able to capture the details such as hall name, number of attendees, event type and so on from the website directly, providing a smoother and hassle-free flow for event organisers and planners.
interactive tools
Users will have no trouble looking at The Centre’s Interactive Floorplan and viewing the necessary details as it was specially designed with SVG and JavaScript technology, which helps to make it work responsively on various screen sizes.

The Space Recommender is made to be interactive in a way that can help clients to categorise their requirements and provide the best results to users.
Design Concept
KLCC’s branding exudes elegance and professionalism. Hence, the minimalist design with full graphics and minimal copy. With only the slightest use of the colours blue, white, grey, and gold, the visuals are made to stand out more, showcasing the beautifully eye-catching collection of photos The Centre can offer.
Keeping in mind of the brand’s elegance, we used diamond-shaped elements and backgrounds to represent The Centre’s logo. Alongside that, we complemented the design with an alternative font choice of the simple yet sophisticated Libre Franklin to replace Helvetica Neue.
As majority of the users are on their mobile devices most of the time, we intended the design to be a mobile-first experience, implementing a scroll effect that flows perfectly with each swipe of a finger in any mobile device.
Figure 2: Cutting-edge and unconventional design concept
The Results

The new KLCC website with bot-to-page interaction strengthened user experience, making it quick and easy for users to find exactly what they need. With the launch of new tools like the Seating Planner and Interactive Floorplan, users can now get a better understanding of the venue especially in these COVID times when organisers cannot be present at The Centre to look at the physical space.
Making the Chatbot the site’s key content point, clients will no longer need online forms for enquiries. As a result, there was an increase in Sales Enquiry of over 50%, a serving of more than 500 users on average monthly, and a most popular intent to ‘Get in touch’ that makes up of 80% of users’ messages, all through The Centre’s Virtual Assistant, Skye.
project achivements

The Centre's website has set the standard for all its other online engagement portals to deliver seamless user experience according to the best practices in digital initiatives.

Seeing the positive growth, The Centre continues to provide better digital experience and is currently in the process of integrating 3D Floorplans.

Other works
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