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Fueling innovation with ROVR

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ROVR is Malaysia's first-ever mobile fuel delivery service. With many unfamiliarities revolving around this new service, questions and demands start popping up as more and more users try out ROVR's services. 

One of the brand’s most accessible brand touchpoints is through its website. Following up with the successful group-wide digital communication and website revamp of PETRONAS Dagangan, XIMNET was appointed by ROVR as its tech and design agency to reinvent ROVR’s digital touchpoint to meet customer demands.

As ROVR is a part of PETRONAS's Retail Business, the revamp exercise includes incorporating PETRONAS's branding and visual treatment on the new website.
the client
BRB is a globally operating independent manufacturer of future-oriented silicones, lube oil additives and other specialty chemicals.

Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) keeps Malaysians on the move with ROVR, the first mobile refuelling service offered by PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) in the country. ROVR's innovative service allows for a seamless and safe refuelling experience for both commercial and everyday drivers, beyond conventional petrol stations.

ROVR has been serving commercial customers (B2B) since its pilot in October 2018 and has since delivered over 40 million litres of fuel. ROVR is now ready to cater to more B2B customers nationwide with the introduction of more ROVR trucks & smart dispensers.

Brand positioning and information presentation say a lot about a brand. 

One of the key challenges of ROVR's digital touchpoint is the lack of brand communication. The old website had insufficient information regarding itself hence, is unable to provide and present its service offerings and benefits with clarity.
our approach
We prioritised improving ROVR's brand communication strategy and optimising the website's content presentation and user journey to meet customers' demands.

With these goals in mind, XIMNET took on the approach to incorporate strong corporate messages or statements to help users comprehend what the conglomerate does quickly as well as creating a proper hierarchy for the site's information to further improve the entire user journey and engagement.
Your brand positioning and information presentation refelcts who you are
The Work

Workshops were conducted to define ROVR's brand message. We made sure that what matters to the brand and its audience is crystal clear.

We also did some research and comparison on various similar websites to identify the latest design trends and web UX best practices. This process allows us to learn more about users' expectations when it comes to engaging brands like ROVR.

In doing so, we can design an architecture that works for both the brand and users in the long run.

In order to serve users better, we opt for a User-Centric Menu. The more popular content was put upfront so that it is more accessible.

The website's navigation was kept simple. Through the eyes of the users, we arranged the site's information in a way that can easily guide targeted users to the right content. Along with the arrangement of the content, we also made use of persuasive key messages to garner potential leads.

zoho integration

We have integrated a Zoho Contact Form into the website, centralising all enquiries into ROVR's core CRM platform. Hence, contact information can now be collected much more easily.

The form was also designed to match ROVR's brand style so that it does not leave a jarring impression to users and will appear to be one with the website. 

Representing innovation through movement

Design Concept
The main concept for ROVR's design is innovativeness. We made sure the website reflected this concept by keeping the design clean and modern-looking. To represent innovation, we added a gradient effect to the headings and modernised the icon styling to suit its brand identity. The added effect of PETRONAS's green and purple in moving gradients achieved a new and captivating feel to the design.

There is an ample amount of white space as well so as to not make the website appear crowded. Coupled along with relevant yet attractive visuals, the end result was a more visually appealing website. 

While the site retains PETRONAS's branding and visual treatment, we preserved ROVR's branding by incorporating drop elements into the design. For example, the drop shape can be seen on the Homepage banners and the buttons all have a liquid effect when users hover on them. 
Figure 1: Examples of use of drop elements on ROVR's images.
The Results

The new ROVR website took on a visual and bite-site content approach with a responsive layout for all devices. This not only provides an aesthetically pleasing and seamless experience in all digital touchpoints, but it also allows users to get things done faster and in a more effective manner.

XTOPIA.IO CMS has successfully empowered the client to use multimedia materials more effectively on the website. What is more, they are now able to keep website content updated without the need for technical knowledge.

Other works
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