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In an era where technology is a pivotal part of the economy, having InvestKL’s website up-to-date with the current times is important in order for them to be repositioned as the top government investment promotion agency in Malaysia with all the opportunities within the Greater Kuala Lumpur area.

Undergoing its first revamp in 2014 - 3 years after the website was initially built in the year 2011 – InvestKL has been with XIMNET since its establishment.

With its long history together with XIMNET, we have been reappointed as their consultant specifically in digital communication strategy and digital touchpoint redesign to create a brand new user experience for website with seamless AI chatbot integration in the upcoming phase.
the client
Dhiraagu is the leading telecommunications company in the Maldives, offering a comprehensive range of mobile, internet, data, fixed line and TV services.
InvestKL is a government Investment Promotion Agency, a facilitation specialised for businesses who want to setup headquarters in Asia or expand their market reach in SEA market. With its key focus area being GKL, they are mandated to attract Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 type multinational companies to establish their regional hubs and undertake regional activities in Greater Kuala Lumpur.

As at 2021, InvestKL has successfully achieved its milestones in bringing 100 MNCs to GKL.
Technology has greatly advanced since the year InvestKL’s website was built. With not only outdated technology but an excessive amount of outdated content as well, the old website lost its key messages which gradually felt like it no longer conveyed what it had originally intended to.
Digital touchpoint has become more important now as potential investors may not be able to fly in to experience the place hence the increase reliance on website for decision making. In order to create an effective marketing positioning strategy, the team needed to figure out a way to map a user journey in such a way that users will ultimately get in touch after going through a series of persuasive pitch on the website.
our approach
With no hierarchy within the old website, there was no content prioritisation hence the key audience being unsure on which content matters. Moreover, with its usage of technical jargons, promoting GKL and IKL services became quite a difficult task to manage. Our team decided to solve these problems by constructing a result-driven information architecture according to website communication best practices with a web design that is responsive to all screen sizes.

We want to capture and hold users’ attention, and we did so by making good use of videos and bold copy that not only enhances the website’s attractiveness, but clarity as well. With a user-centric UX, we made the website to be less wordy, giving more focus on images and videos for key highlights with clear and consistent Call To Action buttons. This helps to get key messages across better and make navigation easier for users who are interested to get in touch.
To showcase the beautiful wonder that is Greater Kuala Lumpur, we implemented an interactive map and 360 contents for users to have a more thorough experience. Additionally, to encourage better engagement between users, the website now has a blog section of insights and content that can be shared through social media sharing tools on Facebook, Twitter and more.
We went BOLD to capture our users' attention.
The Work

We held an Online Stakeholder’s Workshop to understand in depth of the current market challenges, opportunities, IKL’s USPs and upcoming marketing strategy so that the website can complement the plans ahead.

We also did some market analysis to study how other agencies pitch its location through their website, evaluating market needs and identifying the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of different competition to define an adequate communication strategy.

With the research the team has done on web trends, we managed to determine some of the latest web technologies that were suitable to be utilised aptly for InvestKL’s website along with recommending the best practices in digital communication especially during times of restricted travelling.
Site Architecture
Setting out to make InvestKL’s navigation as seamless as possible, we did a full housekeeping on the site, cleaning up the old and keeping in the essentials. Removing the outdated content made the website look less congested, giving users the necessary space to absorb information with ease.
We prioritised content based on the user journey of a potential foreign investor as most of its website traffic are coming in to evaluate and decide which is the best location to set up and expand their market reach.
In getting ready for the Phase 2, we prepared content to be AI-chatbot-ready for seamless integration, resulting in an easy and fast way to answer questions based on investor’s needs.
InvestKL Information Architecture
Figure 1: Example of proposed sitemap for InvestKL website information architecture
We prioritised the user journey of a potential foreign investor.
Design Concept
We used iconic diagonal shaped elements in the website’s design for a sleek and modern look that befits its goal to be forward-looking.
With Poppins as the site’s main typeface, the bold typography effectively portrays a straight-forward sense of reliability and professionalism with its smooth and simple look.
Mindful of the content information the site contains and its target audience, we opted for a touch-friendly UX, displaying captivating images as Visual Story-telling to not only ease comprehension, but to showcase the scenic imagery that GKL can offer.
The icon styling was clean and simple, using thin strokes with their corporate colour applied onto the dual toned icons.
The Results

Our focus for this website redesign project was to bring world-class user experience to potential foreign investors–from content presentation to enquiry, and to be seen as the most forward-looking government agency in Asia.

The new InvestKL website is forward-looking and innovative in facilitation strategies and also very current and ahead of the curve in terms of content, technology and design. The new site architecture and clear CTA displays the agency’s credible knowledge of what is happening in the business landscape very well and is able to serve as the first impression of the agency, effectually driving higher conversion rates.

project achivements

XTOPIA.IO CMS has successfully empowered the client to use multimedia materials more effectively on the website. What is more, they are now able to keep website content updated without the need of technical knowledge.

With the promise of a future implementation of AI Chatbot, we aim to get InvestKL to be unconventional and ahead of all agencies by using chatbot as the concierge service. By doing so, foreign investors from any part of the world will be able to get the right assistance in responding to their enquiries anytime.

Other works
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