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Dignity for the marginalized

 Our pro bono work to enable equal access to quality education and nutrition for the underserved 


Dignity enlisted the help of XIMNET to give their website a makeover. The goal was to make it look better and work smoother. They also wanted to tell their story in a way that made people feel good, instead of sad or guilty.

XIMNET was up for the challenge. We freshened up the website with a new design, making it more appealing and easier to use. We added more memorability with unique illustrations and graphic styling, making the overall look and feel more innocent, positive and inspiring.

Additionally, XIMNET also made sure the website could quickly respond to what the community needed by improving the donation system and incorporating a new fundraising feature to make it simpler for supporters to contribute and participate in Dignity's mission.
the client
Dignity for Children Foundation - Dignity for Children Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1998 to provide holistic care and education for urban poor children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Dignity for Children Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1998 to provide holistic care and education for urban poor children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dignity currently serves over 1,700 children and youth aged 1-18 years. Apart from providing education, Dignity also initiated various transformational enterprises for students and underprivileged communities to excel in life. They are EatxDignity, BakeXDignity, SewXDignity, CutXDignity, ArtXDignity, WellnessXDignity and GrowXDignity.
One of our primary challenges during this project centered around making Dignity stand out with visually appealing illustrations that would set it apart from the rest of its competitors. Our goal was to create a unique and memorable online presence.

To streamline the online donation process, our team worked diligently to ensure that potential donors could easily contribute. We aimed to simplify the entire donation process, making it straightforward and user-friendly.
our approach

To tackle the challenge of setting Dignity apart from others, we opted for a distinctive approach by creating original artwork that embodied simplicity and innocence. We wanted to create visually compelling representations that authentically captured the essence of Dignity's mission, making it memorable and emotionally resonant.

To streamline the donation processes, we introduced a user-friendly online form, simplifying the interface, eliminating unnecessary steps, and ensuring secure payment options. Our aim was to create a seamless, trustworthy, and positive donating experience, encouraging more support for Dignity's mission.

Our goal was to create a unique and memorable online presence.
The Work

A gap analysis determines whether requirements are being met by accessing the differences between the actual performance or results with what was expected or desired. The gap serves as a roadmap of what is required in the new website by providing a way to identify suboptimal or missing strategies, capabilities, processes, practices, or technologies. We underwent this process to measure the strengths and weaknesses of Dignity’s website so that we can recommend the proper steps to achieve the desired outcome.
Site Architecture
We adopted a mega menu to overhaul the website's navigation and improve the user experience. The mega menu has seamlessly restructured Dignity's website, making it more visually engaging and user-friendly. It offers a clear, hierarchical layout, reducing clicks to access different sections, making it easier for users to explore our offerings. This mega menu has simplified navigation, enhanced our website's appeal, and improved accessibility.
Figure 1: Mega menu of Dignity's website.
Embodying a fresh, inviting aesthetic that conveys innocence, simplicity, and trustworthiness.
online tools
We introduced a new addition to Dignity's website: the Fundraising Campaign Creation feature. This feature simplifies the process of initiating and overseeing fundraising campaigns, providing Dignity and its supporters with a user-friendly, efficient platform for customisation. It empowers users to broaden their reach and maximise their impact. Our aim was to streamline the process, allowing Dignity to concentrate on their mission while efficiently promoting and executing fundraising initiatives.

The online donation process on the backend has also been significantly improved. In the old process, payment status updates were manual and prone to errors, requiring cross-checking between systems. With the new process, we've introduced automatic synchronization between XTOPIA and the third-party vendor, eliminating the need for manual updates. This enhancement ensures accurate and seamless payment status tracking, enhancing efficiency and reliability in the donation process.
Figure 2: Introduction on how to create a fundraising campaign.
We have integrated a chatbot—a personified sapling named Dinny—into Dignity's website, introducing several important features to enhance user support and interaction. One key feature is the chatbot's ability to assist users with common questions, making support quicker and more efficient. It's also great at finding specific information on the website, ensuring visitors can access what they need easily. 

Moreover, it helps us collect valuable user feedback through conversations, giving us insights to improve user engagement and tailor our website content to better meet our visitors' preferences. 

Overall, the chatbot has made Dignity's website more user-friendly and responsive, aligning it better with our users' needs.
Figure 3: Chat window of Dignity's chatbot.
Design Concept
The website's design concept revolves around the theme of hope. It embodies a fresh, inviting aesthetic that conveys innocence, simplicity, and trustworthiness, crafting a user-friendly and welcoming atmosphere that's both visually appealing and emotionally engaging.

Moreover, we have incorporated original illustrations throughout the website. These artistic creations bring a distinctive and unique charm to the user experience, offering a refreshing departure from the ordinary. By incorporating these illustrations, we have positioned Dignity as a standout presence in its field, leaving a memorable and lasting impression on its users.
The Results

Thanks to our efforts, the refreshed look of the website has not only given Dignity a modern and appealing online presence but has also empowered Dignity with the ability to update content without requiring technical expertise. This makes maintaining Dignity's website significantly more user-friendly compared to its previous version.
project achivements

Notably, our fundraising campaign has been met with great enthusiasm. Now, donors can independently complete the entire application process through our website, streamlining their engagement with our cause.

Other works
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