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Dhiraagu drives digitization for Maldives

How digital communication of the national telco of Maldives lead the way forward


the client
Dhiraagu is the leading telecommunications company in the Maldives, offering a comprehensive range of mobile, internet, data, fixed line and TV services.
Dhiraagu is the leading telecommunications company in the Maldives, offering a comprehensive range of mobile, internet, data, fixed line and TV services.

They curate innovative technologies and capabilities to deliver connectivity and content to a diverse range of customers across the country.
One of the many challenges that we face is ensuring a smooth and visually engaging user experience. Dhiraagu offers a full range of digital and communication services and products; each of them containing invaluable information.

With how extensive the information was at the old website, there were challenges in turning all the content into something that users can absorb with ease.
our approach
The old website was text-heavy, with a complex navigation that can be hard to understand. To ensure a more frictionless and visually engaging user experience that reflects on their brand, we designed the new website to have a fresh and modern look, incorporating beautiful and vibrant visuals along with bite-size content for a more pleasing aesthetic, and improving the site architecture and navigation for easier browsing.

"We want to communicate Dhiraagu's key message in its simplest form," says Wiley Chin, CEO of XIMNET.

The idea of “fresh and modern” was maintained throughout the whole website, which includes the layout, icons, and copywriting.

We have also made sure the design is responsive and optimised for all screen sizes; particular for mobile devices as the majority users go into the website using their mobile.
The idea is to deliver Dhiraagu's key message elegantly
- wiley chin
The Work

We did many research and comparison on various telco sites to identify the latest design trends and UX best practices and what are the benchmarks for an outstanding design. The research and survey responses were studied thoroughly to achieve an accurate idea of each user’s needs, determining their pain points and opportunities.

We compiled them all together to create user personas and userflows based on the information we have collected and began mapping out detailed userflows for each of our targeted personas.

Creating user personas help to recognise and understand the different needs, experiences, behaviours and goals our audience have. Through this process, we get a better idea of shaping the site’s information architecture and user interface.
Figure 1: Example of a user persona developed to lead the user journey of the website
Site Architecture
We wanted the whole user journey to be clear and direct so that each page is easily accessible. The menu was made easier after organising the content into a cleaner architecture, improving the overall flow of the website with its clear paths that lead to their designated content.

We have split key sections into individual landing pages: Personal, Business, About Us, DhiraaguTV and My Account and kept each key section to 3 - 6 subsections to ease navigation experience.
Figure 2: Example of a complete customer journey map for different segments
With user survey and C-suites interviews, we analysed the input and developed a full report on Dhiraagu's digital health.
Design Concept
We wanted the outcome to be attractive yet reflective to their brand, maintaining the warmth and innovativeness of Dhiraagu while also retaining usability by solving real users’ problems and providing value. We took into consideration the friendly and inspirational culture of the Maldivians and incorporated those elements into the website using vibrant visuals and colours.

We made liberal use of white space as to not make the site appear crowded and used visuals and icons to convey information instead of lengthy paragraphs—resulting in a more polished and appealing composition.

Gotham is used as the main typeface for Dhiraagu. It is contemporary, sturdy and highly legible, and with its range of weights for different uses across the system, it has the flexibility to ensure a friendly and engaging look.

To make the design more interesting, we added a gradient effect to the headings. The added effect of Dhiraagu’s blue and orange in moving gradients achieved a new and captivating feel to the design.
We gave Dhiraagu a brand voice that engages, connects and will become the transformational inner voice of all Maldivians.

By creating a persona for each section and giving them a unique voice, the tone and manner of the copies will be consistent and engaging. While it speaks to different users and personas, the Dhiraagu voice always retains its defining characteristics—Maldivian In Spirit, Customer-Centric, Exploratory, Transformative and Future Positive.
XIMNET - Copywriting Methodology
Figure 3: Brand Copywriting Methodology
We created user-friendly ways to deliver messages with tons of details without overwhelming users with walls of text as keeping the writing short and neat allows user to scan through the content easily. 

We made sure to use words that paint visuals of emotional satisfaction from gains and engaged the logical thinking process with facts & figures about offerings.

By using keywords that users use, it will help them understand the copy and will help optimize it for search engines.
maldivian in spirit
A voice that engages, connects and will become the transformational inner voice of all Maldivians
The Results

The rollout scale and quality were possible due to Dhiraagu's innovative thinking, proactive project management, and flexible approach in which it leveraged, built and customized solutions to suit specific needs in digital engagement. 

With a monthly average of no less than 100,000 users to serve, optimising the website performance from its content presentation to loading speed are key to provide world-class customer experience. The website also serves as the organisation's key digital touchpoint, more so since 2020 with the limited physical interaction due to the pandemic.
project achivements

In parallel to the initiative to transform its customer engagement model, Dhiraagu continues to migrate all major applications, including its Customer Service Portal, also known as MyAccount to same environment.

This is to provide seamless experience in all digital touchpoints. This will allow both Dhiraagu customers and Customer Service team to get things done faster and in a more effective manner.

Other works
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