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Baiduri Brunei delivers amidst pandemic

A story of triumph against the bleak Covid-19 landscape 


A brand story connects and engages with the audience on a deeper level. It can maximize a business’ visibility, profit, and impact. Which was why it was crucial for Baiduri’s brand story to be retold in a tone and manner that is relatable to customers of this modern age.
Tasked to do so, XIMNET was also approached to evaluate market needs and recommend best practices in order to provide a world-class user experience for the new website that aligns to Baiduri’s New Brand Launch.
the client
Baiduri Bank Group - Baiduri Bank Group is established in 1994. Innovative and Forward-Thinking to its core, it is the largest provider in financial products and services for Consumer, Business and Corporate customers in Brunei Darussalam.
Baiduri Bank Group is established in 1994. Innovative and Forward-Thinking to its core, it is the largest provider in financial products and services for Consumer, Business and Corporate customers in Brunei Darussalam. Considered as one of the best Local Brand in Brunei, Baiduri is truly Bruneian in its values, people and service.
With majority of users being on their mobile devices most of the time, Baiduri’s old website lacks in that it was not mobile-friendly at all. Its website was hard to maintain as there was no CMS, only static HTML. Moreover, Baiduri’s brand presentation was outdated, and no longer matched with its brand aspiration. That gave some difficulties in retelling the brand’s tone and manner in a more modern and appropriate way.
One of the most challenging tasks by far was to identify the user journeys in order to be able to bring together the different Banking sections under one umbrella.
our approach
Baiduri’s old website was packed with content and terminologies that were repetitive and filled with technical jargons. Its product positioning was also hard to decipher, which further adds to the confusion for its users.
Our team solved this by developing a well-organised information architecture that adheres to the best practices in the Financial sector, producing a massive consolidation effort to bring about Consumer Banking, Business Banking, Corporate Banking, Institutional Banking, Baiduri Finance and Baiduri Capital together with a unified brand tone.
To make the website’s content more comprehensible, we made the new website design responsive to work on all screen sizes and used clear CTA to easily lead users who are interested to find out more about products and services directly to the pages they desire.
Figure 1: Persona for Baiduri Personal Banking Services
Considered as one of the best Local Brand in Brunei, Baiduri is truly Bruneian in its values, people and service.
The Work

We held Stakeholder Workshops to better understand the current market challenges, opportunities, Baiduri’s USPs and upcoming marketing strategy and conducted Customer Surveys to learn what users are looking for and what was lacking in Baiduri’s existing digital touchpoint. The workshop and survey responses were studied thoroughly to get us better equipped to deliver a great design that can complement with Baiduri’s plans ahead.

We also conducted market analysis to examine how other banks communicate through their website, determining what was appropriate or not to be put into the website and identifying the latest web technologies to utilise them.
Figure 2: Heatmap study of Baiduri's existing website
Site Architecture
For the purpose of making the whole user journey clear and direct so that each page is easily accessible, we prioritised the website’s content based on user journeys, as most of the website traffic come in to look for suitable products and services for their own needs. For example, we organised the items for Consumers – Baiduri’s largest customer base – in the sequence of Banking, Save, Cards, Borrow, Insure, Invest, and Rates).

We did a housekeep for the website and removed all redundant and repetitive content, consolidating all the products and services according to the key market segments and subsidiaries to give a clearer context to the users who visit the website.
Users are able to navigate across banking sections seamlessly to find what they might need.
online customer tools
Customers can now locate different branches of Baiduri based on their preferred facilities using the Branch Locator with Google Map integration our team have implemented. We made Online Appointment Booking System possible for customers who wish to request for Financial Consultancy when previously, there was no proper online sales channel to enquire about products and services through the website.

An online Sales Leads Management with several teams was made available as well, so that different products are routed directly to each team respectively to get in touch with potential customers.
We provided customers and users with a cross-selling of products and services between Consumer, Business, Corporate, Institutional Finance and Capital for a more seamless experience. Users do not need to go back and forth between the different banking sections to find what they might need.

A Chatbot integration with third-party vendor was appointed by the customers on website to provide better customer experience on website.
Figure 3: User journey for Business Banking customer
Design Concept
As banks strive for predictability, consistency and performance(speed), the website design for Baiduri should not stand out with alluring and distracting visuals or fancy layout compositions. We kept the design consistent with Baiduri’s colour palette, and kept the site clean, giving the right amount of breathing space for users to look through information with ease.

We made sure to optimise the size of images in order to improve the site’s performance.
The Results

Thanks to XTOPIA.IO, we have successfully empowered Baiduri representatives from different departments to update content on the website without the need of technical knowledge, making Baiduri’s website much easier to maintain compared to its preceding website.
Baiduri’s Customer Service was given an upgrade and you can see its improvement by the quick turnaround time in sales enquiries as incoming leads are now able to be directed to a specific person in charge immediately for conversion – hence no lagging in between process. With customers being able to pre-book appointments online before walking into a branch, it makes it easier to control the number of concurrent customers in each branch effectively during this pandemic period.
project achivements

With a consistent and comprehensive design framework that works across all subsidiaries and a user-centric UX that uses commonly used tools and frequently updated content as key features of the websites, the effort of putting 5 websites under the brand’s unified tone and presentation is a true success in business consolidation effort.
All products and services under Baiduri now are easily recognised through its consistent brand visual implementation.

Other works
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