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As stewards of their investor’s wealth, AHAM Capital Asset Management (AHAM) is committed to deliver superior customer service experience to them. To reach this goal, the website and customer-facing touchpoints were required to initiate a digital transformation to better serve its users.

Engaged by AHAM, XIMNET was to reinvent all its investor digital touchpoints, modernising and digitising services like application, transaction and purchasing processes, turning the revamped website into one that provides Business Process Automation and 360 Customer Experience with Multi-touchpoint Consolidation integrated into the website.
the client
AHAM Capital
AHAM Capital Asset Management (AHAM) is an independently-managed, bank-backed asset management firm that started its roots in 2001, serving the needs of corporate, institutions, individuals, banks, business partners, unit trust consultants, and retail business clients. Operating as an investment management firm, the company offers portfolio and cash management, wholesale and retail funds, and private retirement scheme investment solutions.
The process to digitally transform AHAM’s website was not an easy job for the team. For instance, identifying API endpoints that works for all platforms was quite a challenge as the engagement platforms were not consolidated. The website not only lacked self-service tools which could help empower investors, but its processes were all manual as well, which makes them more costly and less efficient.
As AHAM aims to serve investors of all ages, particularly users between ages 21 – 75, there was a need to design the UX that attunes to users of that age range. The data and insights gathered were not put to better use, and with how broad the age range is, there were difficulties in ensuring a user experience that would suit users from young adults to the elderly.
There were inconsistencies in the company’s brand presentation, and it shows throughout the old website. Due to this, designing the new website was a challenge as well as we did not have a clear grasp on its brand presentation. Keeping in mind of AHAM’s target audience, we had to make sure the new website design is able to streamline its content presentation and present data meaningfully and attractively, with its key content and key features prioritised according to user’s needs, all the while providing a mobile-friendly experience.
our approach
Our focus for this website revamp project was to consolidate and unify AHAM’s digital touchpoints to better serve and empower investors of all ages through self-servicing tools and platforms, simultaneously increasing the organisation’s productivity by automating repetitive tasks.
Figure 1: Gap analysis and market research insights
Our focus was to unify AHAM’s digital touchpoints to better serve and empower investors.
The Work

Stakeholder interviews were conducted to better understand the current market challenges, opportunities, AHAM’s USPs and digital transformation pipeline and strategy so that the initiatives are aligned to the organisation’s goal. We did a user behaviour survey, collecting and analysing the data to get a feel of what is lacking from an investor’s perspective so that we can come up a list of what we want to put into the website.

We underwent a gap analysis process to match the survey output with the company’s vision so that we can recommend the proper steps to better identify suboptimal or missing strategies, capabilities, processes, or technologies, thus achieving the desired outcome. With the study and research the team has done on technology and trends, we managed to identify some of the latest web technologies and what was available in the financial market that can be used for the website revamp.
Figure 2: Sample user journey of a young investor persona
A corporate identity is a vital part of an organisation. To have a strong corporate identity is to maintain its consistency, which helps a great deal in improving customer awareness and enhancing the company’s professional stance. In creating a consistent identity, it makes it easier for the company to be recognised and remembered. Which is why it was important to realign AHAM’s brand aspirations and design with their latest Corporate Identity.
In order to provide an optimal experience for each and every user, we made the new website design to be responsive on all screen sizes; be it desktop, tablet or mobile. Hence, improving user experience to easily read and navigate the website with little to no hassle. As AHAM’s website contains a lot of numbers and data that are constantly changing, we have integrated their corporate website with their Investments Data via API, which made data available in one central place. As a result, clients do not need to continually update these data in various platforms.
Figure 3: Information architecture planning for corporate website
the Ai chatbot
In this revamp, we utilised chatbot technology to enhance user engagement, boosting operational efficiency and saving costs to businesses while offering convenience and services for users.
NADIA (Not Another Digital Investment Advisor) is one of the pioneering AI Chatbot solution in the financial industry. As the corporate website’s virtual assistant, NADIA is responsible for addressing the Call Centre’s FAQs such as Check Balance, Latest Transaction, and Account Details. She serves as a concierge to bring users to the site’s respective pages to find out more about specific funds or services and is also able to recommend products through risk profiling. Moreover, she is able to promote ongoing campaign and events to returning customers.
NADIA (Not Another Digital Investment Advisor) is one of the pioneering AI Chatbot solution in the financial industry.
the customer portal
We reinvented i-Access Customer Portal’s UX to align with the latest corporate identity, making sure that all platforms have a similar and consistent design.

As users nowadays expect a certain amount of self-serve capability, more self-servicing tools like transact online, update profile, set investment goals, and open new account were introduced to the portal to further increase customer satisfaction.
Similar to their corporate website, the core processes of the portal were brought together on a single platform to make data available in one central place for easy accessibility.
Additionally, users are now able to install the portal on their phones and receive notification automatically with the use of Progressive Web App (PWA), thus improving the experience of a user accessing a web page from a mobile device.
the agent ai portal
ADAM (Advanced Digital Asset Management) is a dedicated platform to keep business partners informed with the latest funds’ updates and campaigns. Like the i-Access Customer Portal, ADAM has the PWA feature and can be installed onto users’ phones to receive notifications automatically. With availability to exclusive membership, only specific partners will be able to receive updates. What is more, the platform comes with a chatbot to answer any question in relation to the updates.
The ease in transactions and the AI assistance made a significant increase in returning investors.
The Results

Having gone through its digital transformation, AHAM has now improved almost all of its services. The effort for system integration and consolidation was a success, turning all platforms into a unified endpoint, thus making updates effortless.
With a seamless UX across all digital touchpoints and the new capabilities that was implemented into the revamped website, investors are now more independent and empowered to manage their own accounts.
Alongside with its Digital Investment Advisor, NADIA will be fully integrated to perform bot-to-page interaction to serve users in most innovative ways in making investment decisions through the website. The ease in transactions and the AI assistance provided for fund recommendation and product updates made a significant increase in returning investors.
project achivements

These implementations were rolled out just in time for contactless processes in times of COVID, adhering to the new normal of social distancing and ensuring the safety of users.

Other works
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