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Engaging website visitors with texts and paragraphs is conventional yet impractical, especially when constant updates are required for current events and initiatives. In order to cultivate the giving culture, TBEF’s website needs to be improved in terms of info presentation and equipped with better CMS to allow content updates promptly with ease.

Appointed by LINACO, XIMNET was approached for TBEF’s website revamping exercise to raise brand awareness not only among the company employees, manufacturers, and NGOs, but also to encourage more public participation in TBEF programs and initiatives.

the client
Dignity for Children Foundation - Dignity for Children Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1998 to provide holistic care and education for urban poor children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The Bountiful Eye Foundation (TBEF) is a non-profit organisation, established in 2019 as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) by LINACO’s Group of Companies, arm with 10% of its net profit from the previous financial year to be committed to all its CSR initiatives in the following year. To break the cycle of poverty, TBEF provides food aid, education, and healthcare to underserved families and children in Malaysia, regardless of race, religion, or creed.

Through partnerships with local non-governmental organisations (NGOs), TBEF has since transformed the lives of over 3,700 families and 1,500 children, and currently supports over 1,107 children from seven local NGOs combined.
One of the key challenges that we faced for this revamp was to restructure the content to cater to a variety of audience groups, including LINACO employees, fellow manufacturers, charity organisations, the general public, and volunteers.

Sustaining TBEF’s mission of assisting underserved families is crucial, but so is advocating the giving culture internally within the organisation and to the society. Thus, key messages to be displayed on the website must be simple, informative, and aesthetically pleasing. This is to attract more website visitors, retain their interest, and eventually drive them to participate in the volunteering works.
our approach
When thinking about charitable works or NGOs websites, they typically give off a serious tone, leaning toward the dull and monotonous feel. Volunteering and helping the underprivileged ones should be viewed as something hopeful, uplifting, and worthy of celebration. As a result, our team decides to make good use of the bright colours on TBEF’s logo in order to convey joyous and positive energy to the website.

Meanwhile, we choose to leave enough white space on the website background so that both new and returning visitors do not feel overwhelmed and can breathe while absorbing the information throughout the experience. Unique shapes and eye-catching visuals are also used to give the website a memorable personality that reflects the brand essence. On top of that, it is our plan as well to maintain the website as user-friendly as possible in order to appeal to people of all ages.
One of the key challenges was to rework the content to speak to  diffferent audience groups.
The Work

Sessions were held to identify the main pillars of TBEF. Discussions were carried out to work on content rewriting to ensure that the messages conveyed are still up to date and in line with the overall new look of the website, to avoid any confliction to website users.

We also performed market analysis to study how other organisations structure their content and encourage users to participate in their own initiatives. Through this, we can discover the strengths and weaknesses of certain approaches and their feasibility for this revamp exercise.
Site Architecture
To create a clear and direct user experience, our team limited the navigation and root section to 4 and below so that the website contents do not overwhelm the users with too much info, thereby optimizing the overall user journey with its clear paths that lead to their designated content. We consolidated the 'Our Partners' section and only highlighted the basic partner's description with the help of visual aids such as mind maps so that each partner was given an equal amount of ‘airtime’ in a single graphic. In comparison to the former website, partner information is displayed in a slide-out on individual click rather than redirecting to a new page, which can help to eliminate redundant pages with similar layouts.
Figure 1: Partners' Information Visualization
Volunteering for the underprivileged is uplifting and worthy of celebration.
online tools
We had integrated a social wall via Curator to the main page to allow website users to view current events or activities in the form of aggregated live social media feeds from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This enables greater engagement between the foundation and its users, allowing them to showcase their hard work and dedication in achieving the cause.
Design Concept
Figure 2: Video Banner
People rarely read nowadays, and smartphone users have a shorter attention span. Therefore, our team chose to use video banners on the home page design for audience engagement by communicating important information with an energetic flair. Not only that, displaying captivating images as Visual Storytelling not only ease comprehension but showcases the volunteer works imagery and gives the user the opportunity to have a glance at how the volunteering works were being carried out.

Figure 3: Homepage banner with unique shape elements
Unique shapes are another key element our team had incorporated into the overall design. Abstract shapes are used to represent brand characteristics as friendly, hopeful, and warm. Shapes resembling simple children’s scribblings offer an innocent vibe where children’s growth is important in a family. Therefore emphasizing the value of work that TBEF had done to help the underprivileged families is adding to the greater cause.

Figure 4: TBEF Unique Icon Style & Images
To summarise the donation flow process for organisations, simple and symbolic icons are used to represent the processes, allowing the user to comprehend the flow without having to read the text. Chart visuals are useful in our instance as well to summarise the expenditure of donations collected, which is more effective in informing where the donation funds went than lengthy paragraphs, which most users may avoid reading.

The Results

Thanks to XTOPIA.IO, we have successfully empowered TBEF admins to update content on the website without knowing any technical programming knowledge, improving TBEF’s website maintainability and visually, staying ahead of the design trend. Donation campaigns or events organised can be updated directly on the website to inform key stakeholders to particiapte as a volunteer. Both resources and manpower are vital and greatly welcomed to sustain TBEF's cause.
project achivements

By transforming an ordinary-looking website to a cheerful and heartwarming one, TBEF had managed to improve its overall user engagement significantly, and allow admins to handle incoming enquiries and reach out to inquirers in a more systematic manner.

From compelling messages by the boards of the committee to notable CTA buttons on the header, we ensure that the website users are inspired by the foundation’s vision and come together with one objective, which is to make a difference in the community.

Other works
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