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Why UX Is More Important Than You Think
“If we want users to like our software, we should design it to behave like a likeable person.”
― Alan Cooper, Father of Visual Basic
Product development years back focused on the functionality of a product but the game has changed tremendously. It’s about time to look into your product user experience.
Good UX Builds Loyal Relationships
The first impression of interaction means alot to your customer. Negative user experience drives your users away. In fact, a bad experience is so memorable that they will begin to boo your brand.

Understanding your customers pain and knowing how to break them down into smaller steps to achieve their goals is crucial to encourage your customers to come back. For all you know, they will even start advocating for your brand.
Good UX Keeps Your Customer Happy
UX is all about understanding your customers needs. Your product should help your customers to achieve their goals easier than your competitors. Taking a user-centric approach is key to constantly discover a new potential in serving your customers.
Good UX Reduces Waste
With constant iteration and good understanding of your customers needs, your team will be able to create experience that’s exclusively tailored to your users needs.

You will also less likely to spend time fixing bugs if your product performing up to your customers’ expectations from day one.
This article is contributed by Josephine Toh, Agency Manager of XIMNET Malaysia.
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