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Useful Tools We Discovered in 2022
XIMNET - Useful Design Tools
Our team has recently discovered a couple of really fantastic tools to help us in executing our day-to-day tasks more effectively and we can’t wait to share them with you.
AI-powered Adobe Photoshop Features
Content-aware fill: Have you ever tried extending your visual and doing it with brushes and photo montage methods are just too time consuming? Content-aware fill helps you to quickly identify the space where you which to extend by analysing its surroundings and auto-generate possible renderings to fill up the empty spaces. This feature is extremely effective if you wish to extend the background of your main subject.

Select subject: Need to make some quick adjustments to the background or subject? Go to Select > Subject and let AI detect the background and foreground within seconds. Now you can say good bye to the Magic Wand and select your areas only with a click!
Animated SVG
Made available since 2015, Lottie is now one of the most popular file format for vector graphics animation among designers. It makes motion design a lot easier to achieve particularly for graphic designers. On top of that, developers will certainly love you for providing beautiful animations with just a fraction of a GIF-format file size. Many Lottie animations are also free for download here. Give your next digital design some movements with Lottie files today.
Voice-over Generators
As we venture into video production for digital marketing, we soon discover how user AI voice generators are to us. We were pretty cynical when it comes to digital voices initially because most of them sound too robotic and emotionless. Our recent attempt in using these online tools has changed our perspective. LOVO is one of the best we have tried so far but there are more to explore on the internet such as murf.ai and Clipchamp. Which is your favourite?
Free Online Video Editors
Have you ever tried editing videos on Adobe Photoshop, and it takes forever to render? Try Clipchamp for its easy drag-and-drop interface with no downloads required to get started. It is so easy you can quickly get a video up within minutes. Clipchamp also comes with video templates for you to get started so it is a perfect alternative for social media influencer and start-ups. Its free version is great enough for basic video editing.
On-The-Go Mobile Apps
For those who has to produce quick creative work on mobile, these tools are good for you:

Adobe Photoshop Express: As one of the best on-the-go photo editing app, Photoshop Express has all you need to quickly transform your photos on your device. One of our favourite features is quick transform and cut-out for montage effects.

Capcut: A simple video editor tool which amazing templates available for you to get started. When it says it can produce high-quality videos, they meant it. Paired with TikTok for quick upload, this app (also available on browser and Windows) is the perfect tool for TikTok content creator.

Internet has made content a lot easier and fun to produce. You no longer need to invest in expensive computers or software licenses because the most valuable part of production should not be the facilities but your idea. So, what are you producing next?
Joe is the Agency Manager of XIMNET Malaysia since 2018. She is also the UX Lead for an web building platform, XTOPIA.IO.

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