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Goodbye, Internet Explorer
Saying goodbye is hard. We are bad at it too. However, sometimes letting go is important for every one of us to continue to grow and achieve greater success into the future.
We wish to inform you that we are saying goodbye to the aging browser, Internet Explorer. Yes, we are no longer supporting development and optimisation for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge Legacy.

You see, supporting old web standards is like spending all your savings to keep your father’s old VW beetle as your daily ride and for your unplanned road-trips. It’s gets all sentimental and fun but it will get too hot without an air-con and the old-school engine will fail you in the middle of nowhere.
OK, so here’s what you need to know:
  1. Internet Explorer is not built as a modern web browser
  2. Microsoft is ending its support for most of them, including Microsoft Edge Legacy on 9 March 2021
  3. Websites in the future will not be built to support these browsers

Internet Explorer takes too much time and resources to make it work today. And it fails too often when it should just work.
We do not want you to miss out on all the latest web technologies by optimizing for Internet Explorer browsers. As an innovative platform, XTOPIA does not want to hold back in developing exciting features as our brand promise is to always deliver the most advanced solutions for you.
Useful information in regards to browser compatibility can be found below:

Joe is the Agency Manager of XIMNET Malaysia since 2018. She is also the UX Lead for an web building platform, XTOPIA.IO.

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