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XTOPIA - Delivering Real Results, for You

XTOPIA is built to empower corporations to maximize the potential of the digital platform to serve its customers.

Our team designs this digital platform to make non-coders deliver faster and smarter in the digital economy. In short, we want to make our users more savvy and respond to the market swiftly without the common challenges such as lack of technical knowledge, time and cost.
XTOPIA is not just another website builder.
XTOPIA is a cutting-edge, multi-facets web development platform. Our sole aim is to enable our users to be able to design websites, build applications, business processes and workflows without the need to code. As out-of-this-world as it sounds, we have delivered. And we will continue to push the limits of what is possible. 

We would like to share with you 10 reasons why we believe XTOPIA is one of its kind.
1. No-Code Design Freedom
Unlike Wordpress, users are required to either understand code or start from templates. XTOPIA allows user to start from a blank canvas. How would you like to design your website like the way you use Adobe Photoshop? Yay!
2. Say Bye To Static Web Pages
With XTOPIA, you can easily set up the website data source without coding and display the latest content on your landing pages automatically. What's more? You can tweak sort, filter and limit the number of items all by yourself.
3. Self-Manage Your Meta Description and Keywords
We know the importance of SEO for a website. Although there is no definite way to determine how to get your website rank number one, XTOPIA allows users to put in specific keywords for the website down to the individual pages to optimise for the best result. You can be your own SEO guru, seriously.
4. Easy-To-Use and Predictable Interface
We want to keep the experience of managing everything about your website the same hence we adopted the well-known Google Material Design into the platform. Interaction points in the platform are standardised so that users do not need to relearn all the time.
5. Multi-lingual Ready
Need to speak to different groups of audience with different languages? XTOPIA allows you to build multilingual websites and map the pages all by yourself. Coming from a multi-racial country, we believe this is an important feature because some context are not translatable using Google.
6. No-Code Workflow Builder
Years of experience taught is that a website will not be good enough to deliver results without the ability to customise some business processes and workflow to make it suit a specific goal. XTOPIA is equipped with an easy-to-use workflow builder that allows user to perform customised actions and display unique messages according to different behaviour or input. Need a hyper-complex customised form? You can do it by yourself through the builder.
7. Advanced User Management
Large organisations come with various departments managing different sections of a website. With this in mind, XTOPIA comes with a very sophisticated User Permission Settings from modules to the individual pages.
8. Popular Ready-To-Deploy Apps
XTOPIA comes with a suite of apps which can be activated just by a click of a button. We have launched popular apps such as e-Commerce, e-Broadcast, Membership and Survey Manager in XTOPIA for the last six months. Woot!
9. API-Friendly Interface
No website or application should be in silo in an organisation. We recognise the importance of the need to keep XTOPIA open so it is ready to deliver and receive data through our API Integrator. On top of that, XTOPIA comes with common payments integrated such as Paypal and iPay88. Our team didn't believe API integration can be codeless. They too, are amazed by their own hard work.
10. Secure and Scalable
Unlike Wordpress, XTOPIA is built on proprietary programing. Source codes are not available in public domain. Whereas Wordpress is known for their security vulnerabilities when not properly maintained.
Oh, there's one more exciting feature in XTOPIA.
Image Credit: IBM Watson
11. IBM Watson Chatbot Enabled
This is a new feature that we are very excited to share with our users, AI (Artificial Intelligence). IBM Watson can learn from small data sets and it is not an ordinary chatbot. IBM Watson comes with sophisticated NLP (Natural Language Processing) capability, making your chatbot more human. There are too much of details we wish to share but we will leave it for another time.
We believe that achieving digital transformation will be critical to businesses within the next two years. We hope XTOPIA can help more organisations to unleash greater potentials in serving their customers more effectively. We believe XTOPIA will be a good help for dream makers.
This article is written by Josephine Toh, Agency Manager of XIMNET Malaysia. Learn more about XTOPIA here.
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