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When Objects Are Laid Flat, Bare, and Shot
"I had always, always thought photography was purely meant for fleeting moments, folly or pretty. Never imagined XIMNET would give me a chance to do something different."


The name's John Siow, 23, pleased to meet you. 

As one of the initiative in this activity, 'flatlay' was no foreign concept to me, given how compulsory of a subject it was back in my design college. Granted, this flatlay session after work has proved to be highly challenging, if intolerably tiring for a first timer like me. The interesting part? I had done many kinds of photography, from commercial to event and candid (experimental photography too, if that interests you), but flatlay did not fall into the list.

Ironically, studio setups were no longer my trick of a trade, and I could barely remember some of the equipment's names (big problem here). I felt the same way I did when I first stepped into a studio. Strangely however, as the stands were erected and lights stood high, I gradually remembered how to properly operate. And shoot.
  • A slippery floor, a clumsy Danbo, and a brief moment where the two forces collided. That's all it took for dinner to be ruined.

    - Arshad, Super Intern
  • My everyday travel kit for time and task organising, thoughts documenting, music to chillax, and anything random.

    - Hui Ching, Web Designer
  • The movies of Studio Ghibli give us the precious memories and teach us to be grateful to our life.

    - Jin Yong, Front End Programmer
  • There is mother nature in everything we see. Some green, some red, some brown. I love brown.

    - John Siow, Web Designer
  • Counting my blessings.

    - Josephine Toh, Agency Manager
  • "Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Strength, patience, and passion will help you reach for the stars." - Harriet Tubman

    - Wee Shean, Webmaster
  • “H=S+C+V”- The Happiness formula that is within our reach. For me, my formula of happiness is much more simple: Happy = Smile + Enjoy.

    - Max, Super Intern

  • Learning from many different characters. Working towards a better me. Facing challenges ahead. 

    - Melvin, Markup Engineer

  • Getting more and more...
    #girlstuff #makemebeauty

    - Sansha, Senior Programmer

    - Suet Ying, Web Designer
  • I used to be an archer, until I took an arrow up my arse. So now I'm a software developer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    - William, Software Developer
  • Tools allow me to stay productive while toys allow me to stay creative. I am a designer-programmer.

    - Yap, Senior Programmer


Doubtlessly to say this activity has shed light on unexplored technicalities in taking pictures.

It was a fun and amazing experience seeing a part of every team members that I have never seen, and for every camera flash triggered, emotional signals can be seen, smelled, and felt from objects as mundane as book and pen. Were they pleasurable sensations? Or echoing experiences? I had no idea, they were all unexplained euphoria.

All in all, XiMNet has offered me a tender way to peer into the lives of the team through the things they hold dear. Will definitely do it again in the future!

This article is contributed by John Siow, Web Designer at XIMNET Malaysia.
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