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Learn To Connect Dots

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Recently I read this book:
It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.
―  Paul Arden
And I have been trying to connect the dots with what I read and below are some of them,
There is a little demand in the world for excellence. There is a much, much bigger demand for mediocrity.
This is subjective but I have been observing this all through, people are crazy of Mediocrity and it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy high quality result, they are not aware of the quality they can achieve for their product. And it’s dependent on too many factors, Time, Money and especially the relationship with customer/client.
Can you find fault with this?
This is the question that we should be asking our clients/customers to make things better and beat mediocrity.
Successful solutions are often made by people rebelling against bad briefs.
When I’m reading this, the only person I recall is Steve Jobs. No need to talk further.
You show the client what he wants first, he is then relaxed and is prepared to look at what you want to sell him.
I experienced this quite recently, One of our clients came to us with one concept and we gave him another approach, keeping the concept same, and of course after a couple of days of confusion, deliberation, discussion, the client accepted the approach that we proposed, eventually., I think this is experienced by everyone at-least once in their life. with all enthusiasm in the world we pitch in what we have and disappoint the customer.
Don’t give speech put on a show.
This I love the most, I hate people who read through their presentations. I attended a Startup Summit recently and I saw some presenters reading through their presentation. They neither gave speech nor a show.
Before you pitch in, find out exactly what your client means by the word creativity.
We got a new client, he says we need something amazing and when I asked him what’s amazing he showed something which wasn’t so amazing. Then we explained him how we can add more zing to his product.
Work with your client rather than confronting him with your idea.
When you work closely with the client/customer and share same thought, the output will be better than expected. Check out the work Pipra Solutions in my recent case studies. We worked as a team and supported each other to achieve the result. we should respect each other’s freedom for a mutual goal.
"It was truly fun reading this book and enjoyed connecting the dots."
Do you have any stories where you were able to connect the dots? Go ahead, share it with us on our Twitter: @XiMnetMY.
This article is written by Sid, UI/UX Designer @ HelloFello Studio on Medium.
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