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How to Design Banners That Clients Will Love
Before you start working on creating your client’s banners, you’ll need to understand who they are targeting and what they wish to achieve with their banners.
Objectives can include the following: generating brand awareness; product awareness; increasing website traffic; generating leads; making a sale; signing up to an event.
The audience the client wants to target is just as important as their objective. If you can understand their audience, you’ll be able to create ads that resonate with them. Below are two adverts from IT companies that are in the same market but target a different customer base.

Microsoft’s advert focuses on consumers, and their message is written in a simple, jargon-free way that anybody can understand.

IBM cater primarily to B2Bs and have used professional and business-like words such as regulatory and compliance that will resonate more with c-level executives than everyday consumers.
Personalization and Localization
75% of consumers say they are frustrated when a business serves them content, such as ads, that are not relevant to their interests, whereas marketers who do use personalization notice, on average, a 19% uplift in sales.

Personalization and localization is key to creating successful banners. With the average consumer consuming thousands of ads per day, anything that is not relevant to their interests will be ignored.
There are two things you need to consider when choosing the right colors for your client’s banners: brand colors and color psychology.

Brand colors: these are the colors used by your client on their website, logo, and other marketing materials.

Color psychology: this is the effect certain colors have on our minds; different colors have been proven to evoke various emotions in the human brain.

Should you use brand colors or color psychology? There is no right or wrong answer. Look at your client’s past adverts and view the colors and images they used so you can keep their brand consistent across all platforms.

This should also be discussed before work begins so you know the parameters that you can work within.

Calls To Actions
Not every advert you create will need a call to action, but most will. A call to action must be easy to see and match the page the user is sent to.

When using call to actions, you must analyze the page you’re sending traffic to in order to create the base of your advert.

To reach your client’s objective of securing a sale, signing up to their website, or reading a blog post, you need the user to stay on their website once they click the advert. Customers may leave directly after clicking if there is no ad scent, that is the experience they see on the website is totally different from the advert banner they viewed.
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This article is inspired by Jorrit Baerends and his article in Web Designer Depot: How To Design Banners That Clients Will Love
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