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4 Questions To Ask Before Starting Your Project
Ever wonder why some projects are more successful than the others? The answer is nothing extraordinary. In fact, it's simple - keep it clear.
With the years of experience in designing digital solutions for our customers, we have identified 4 key questions you must ask before getting started. Here goes:
What's Your Website Purpose?
Surely it is nice to have a new website with the fanciest effects but the question is, do you really need one? What do you want to communicate? What calls to action need to put in place? Very often a website is misunderstood as a poster. It is not. Website is a communication platform. What do you want your users to do at the end of the day?

Simple CTA (call-to-actions) will be to buy your products and services, to make an appointment, or to share your content. 
What Are Your Current Pain Points?
This applies to those who have an existing website. Before you decide to do a complete overhaul, you may want to ask - What are the three things that are annoying you on the current website? What is lacking? We can only treat a someone when we know what's the cause of pain.
Who Are Your Users?
Knowing your target audience will guide you throughout the design planning. A simple question to ask yourself would be:

Is this useful for our audience? 

Remember, the website is designed for your users, not you. The more you understand your users, the better you can design the digital experience to serve them.
How Do You Define Success?
Without defining what success looks like, you’ll never know if you’ve achieved it. This is where we need to setup some measure of success. Some are easier to measure than the other. For example, when they see traffic and sales go up, we know it's a kind of success.

If you want to be more precise, you can put a percentage on the growth. How would you like to call a 50% traffic increase a success?
In conclusion, addressing these key questions at the beginning of your website project will make the development a lot smoother. To top it off, these set a common understanding between client and agency. 

Thinking of building a website? Start by answering these questions. 
“If you do not know where you are going, how can you expect to get there?”
― Basil S. Walsh
This article is contributed by Josephine Toh, Agency Manager of XIMNET Malaysia.
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