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10 Things You Probably Forgot to Design
Look, we all forget to design something on occasion. Okay...it happens. This list will make you better. Or at least more aware.

When you think about how simple an app like Instagram or Snapchat is, it’s easy to overlook just how many screens, states, and stuff goes in to making a really awesome user experience.

1. The Browser Favicon

You know…that little icon that shows up on a browser tab. I keep losing my Medium tabs because it’s not green anymore. But it is pretty!
2. The Scrolling Behavior
Not only just where and how it scrolls, but what actually scrolls. Is the header fixed? The footer?

Oh man, Peter Blazej, this feels smooth. Nice!

3. The 404 Page
4. The Cursors
Buttons should have a pointer. Non-interactive stuff should have a default cursor. Text should have a text cursor. Developers don’t always know this. I just redlined an app screen the other day where a developer had a text cursor for the hover state of a button. Mercy.

5. The Loading State
Sure, people will probably be Tindering on their phones while the page loads, but in the event they actually look up from their sexy swiping, there should probably be some visual indication that stuff is still loading.

Not the best pan flip form, XPLAI. Keep practicing. But this is still painfully adorable.

6. The Open Graph/Social Images
This is the image that shows up when you tweet a link on Twitter, make a post on Facebook, post a link on Medium, etc…
Here’s how it looks in Medium:
7. The Splash Screen
The screen that shows up when you launch a mobile app, or when you login to a web app and everything is loading.

Here’s a beautiful one by James Jackson

8. The “Thanks for Signing Up” Page
This screen usually comes after a user creates an account and tells them to go confirm their email address.

What’s Next? Ask Hayley Cattlin.

9. The Out-of-the-Box Empty State(s)
It’s like moving into a house and you haven’t moved in any furniture. Looks pretty empty, huh? Help your users out by giving them a nudge in the right direction. “Place couch here.”

I get the feeling Veli-Johan Veromann likes superheroes.

10. The “Share This” Flow
Sharing has become pretty ubiquitous online, but that doesn’t mean it’s already designed for you. All the more reason to spend some time on this one.

Tomek Kwiatkowski really knows how to get social.

Designers have about a million things to remember when designing MVP products, or large features for an enterprise software platform. Hopefully this can at least be a handy reference to help remind you on your next project.

What do you think is commonly forgotten in UI Designs? Share your thoughts with us by mentioning us on @XiMnetMY.
This article is written by Jon Moore on Medium: 50 Things You [Probably] Forgot To Design.
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