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10 quotes from Guy Kawasaki's latest book
Credit: https://guykawasaki.com
Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist of Canva, a trusted advisor to the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and an award-winning author. Read on to learn more about his latest book, Wise Guy, and to download some of his most inspiring quotes
Silicon Valley has long attracted interest from around the globe, becoming a melting pot of innovation and disruption. And now, bestselling author and tech guru Guy Kawasaki gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to build a fruitful career within it—and the lessons you can learn from seemingly ordinary experiences.

First entering the tech scene as part of Apple’s original team in the 1980s, Guy has become a respected source of wisdom when it comes to the turbulent world of entrepreneurship and business growth.

Wise Guy is an honest account that takes us through Guy’s fascinating journey so far, while also encouraging us to take a moment and enjoy the ride.

From starting his career in the jewelry business to telling Steve Jobs, “That’s okay, Steve, I don’t trust you either,” (true story) this book is a thoughtful account for leading a more joyous, productive, and meaningful life.

Here is the 10 quotes we pick from his latest book:
A players hire A+ players. B players hire C players.
― Guy Kawasaki

Learn to like yourself, or change yourself, until you can like yourself.
― Guy Kawasaki 

Play to win, and win to play.
― Guy Kawasaki

You learn more from the people who challenge you than from those who don’t.
― Guy Kawasaki

Learning is a process, not an event.
― Guy Kawasaki

Changing your mind is a sign of intelligence.
― Guy Kawasaki

Embrace the inspiration of other people’s success.
― Guy Kawasaki

Take responsibility for your fate.
― Guy Kawasaki

Challenge the known and embrace the unknown.
― Guy Kawasaki

Big challenges beget big accomplishments.
― Guy Kawasaki
This article is written by Nicole Singh on Canva here.
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