Makan already?

Hi friend, whatever greetings work for you, we would like to welcome you to a journey of Making Meaning, Making A Difference with us.


    Much like your first day of school, there are likely questions, concerns and a few insecurities that you’ve brought with you today. this piece is meant to answer and alleviate those issues.

    All said, let’s make the most of it together.

    We believe in caring for our people. We hope to develop each and every one of us into individuals who can make a difference with our lives.

    We believe our customers are people with hopes and dreams. We want to make a difference in their businesses and lives with our products and services.

    We want to be inspired alchemists who explore the fullest potentials of various media and technologies to serve. We want to produce ideas and solutions that will make a difference in this world. We want change makers.

    It’s about standing up for Good.

    The good in this world must win. Our children deserve a better world than ours. It’s our responsibility to model a way of life that’s loving and inclusive in a world torn by hate and greed. 
    It’s about Designing the Beautiful Life.

    We long for a more beautiful world and we want to transform everything we touch into something beautiful and life-affirming.
    It’s about Humanizing Technology.

    We want to put human experience as the centerpiece of technological adoption. Nothing else will make sense.  
    It’s about Designing the Beautiful Life.

    We long for a more beautiful world and we want to transform everything we touch into something beautiful and life-affirming.
    It’s about Nurturing Change Makers.

    The future belongs to the bold and loving. We want to attract bright minds and cultivate them into game-changers. We want to do our part to hasten the tipping point to bring about a new world order.


    Life is hard, that’s the truth.

    We are more than our circumstances. Like the dull metal to the eyes of an alchemist, there’s gold gleaming just below the surface of all the seeming dross of our everyday life.

    How to dig out the gold you ask? We live by our C.L.I.P mantra.
  • Collaborate Furiously
    Being a good collaborator in the team is key to deliver quality work. In other words, be a team player. No one can achieve anything great without the support of others.

    So, practice open communication, be authentic in your opinions and most importantly, be reliable.

    A dream team requires great trust among its team members.

    Learn Everyday
    You cannot ace everything but there is hope. We believe through wanting to learn everyday, you get better in producing quality work to the customers. Here’s a couple of things you can do to learn in life:-

    Challenge Yourself: You are more intelligent than you realise. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

    Learn By Experience: The more you do, the better you become.

    Teach Something: The process forces you to learn more yourself when you share your knowledge with another person.

  • Initiate Good Causes

    We know that we are unable to make a difference just by doing things alone. One way to drive a change is to be positive initiator. The best way to be an initiator is to stay engaged.

    It’s totally okay to try and fail. What we do not want is to you not to try.

    Problem-Solve Along The Way

    Life is full of problems and challenges. But those who are exceptionally good at solving problems have a distinct advantage on the path to success. The bigger the problems you can solve, the more they achieve and the more respect you earn.

    The best way to solve problems you ask? Cast your ego aside and be open minded.

    Love Your Customers

    When our customers win, we win. We precisely want to strive to make our customers great in engaging our dream team. Every detail counts, every line of finely crafted code, gorgeous design detail, a timely reply and making good on your delivery deadlines. When something fails, we put our soul in making it right.

    Be Helpful

    We’re pushing hard and doing awesome work, but sometimes a brick will fall. Sometimes your colleague needs a hand, sometimes the company as a whole, so collaboration and team spirit are invaluable. We want to win together.

    Take Ownership

    Take ownership on goals, quality and neatness, on making it happen and the well-being of your work. Individual ownership makes the collective shine bright. Don’t be the angry skunk that people avoid.

    Do Work You’re Proud Of

    The seeds of greatness are a collection of finely executed details, so let’s make it spotless and take pride in everything we do.We don't believe in shortcuts. We only deliver real quality results.

    Be Humble

    Everybody has something to learn from somebody. Be open to criticism so that you can make continual improvements. It does not mean you have to let people push you around. Explain objectively and choose the best possible option to solve a problem.
We understand you need time to fit in and adjust yourself. So meanwhile, relax, enjoy the process and if you have questions, all you need to do is to ask.
Welcome to the team.
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