a look back
We are about week into the new year. Like many, 2020 was a difficult test for us in many ways but we are thankful we became stronger as a team. It makes us think harder of what truly matters to us as a team as well as individuals.

Founded since year 2000, XIMNET has gone through waves of innovation and technologies. We want to take this opportunity to celebrate some of our recent success stories.
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communication strategy
With user attention span drop from 12 to 8 seconds in recent study, extensive content with micro details no longer speak to users like how they do before. XIMNET is a strong advocate to keep it simple.

To strengthen its digital communication, Brunei's top commercial bank adopted XIMNET's holistic communication strategy for its website. This effort has successfully bring up to 500% sales opportunities to the bank.
Baiduri Bank Digital Communication by XIMNET
Baiduri Bank Digital Communication by XIMNET
digital branding
Have you ever browsed websites which almost look identical except for the logo? Stop using templates, generic design elements and icons, and spend some time to create designs that are uniquely yours.

Our Creative team was appointed by the major telco in Maldives to reinvent its digital brand experience. The implementation includes redefining the brand's iconography as well as use of gradient tone to resemble the brand's ongoing transformation journey. 
Digital branding by XIMNET
Dhiraagu Digital Branding By XIMNET
AI chatbot
With more than 80% of routine customer questions can already be handled by chatbots, many organisations have ventured into providing an always-on channel for users to get information quickly.

XTOPIA Chatbot solution is first in the market to provide seamless integration between website and chatbot. Experience it through one of our works below.
AI Chatbot by XIMNET
AI Chatbot By XIMNET
Progressive web app
We officially launched at least three PWA in 2020 and we will continue to root for this technology. Here's why. PWA allows your to offline usage. Push notification is now possible too. While there is limited support for iOS, we believe more breakthrough will take place in near future.

Dignity for Children Foundation has recently took this latest technology with XIMNET as part of its digital initiative to reach out to more like-minded micro donors.
Progressive Web App (PWA) by XIMNET
In short...
2020 has massively changed how we looked at engagement from different perspectives. In 2021, we are excited to explore AI-driven design ideas and unconventional user experience for web.

We look forward to developing amazing web interactions and cutting-edge designs with the latest technologies.
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